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QUESTION. Is Clearkone right for you ?

Whether you wear soft lenses or hard lenses, or if you are wearing both at the same time, chances are you have experienced…

  • Poor unstable vision,
  •  Discomfort,
  • Lens instability,
  •  Dirt under your lenses.

Now, you have a treatment option that will provide consistently clear vision, all day comfort and be healthy for your eyes !

Mechanism. So How does it work?

Conventional Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses press on the apex of the cornea causing discomfort and ultimately scarring. Clearkone however works on a reverse geometry principle. This means that the hard lens part of the hybrid floats above the corneal apex to provide amazing comfort while ensuring crisper vision. The soft lens skirt provides lens stability and comfort while preventing dirt from getting under the lens.


The price of convenience


R280 per half hour. (on average, it takes about 1.5 hours to fit both eyes)


R2500 per lens (allow 4 weeks delivery time. Covered by certain medical schemes)


AO Sept Solution R135 Lens Inserter R60 LensPlus Saline R85 Replacement: Annually

What patients have to say

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